Jaguar and Land Rover VCI full set of Automotive Diagnostics (Genuine tools)


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Brand Name : VCI Diagnostics
Model Number : VGA
Certification : CE
Place of Origin : China (Mainland)
MOQ : 1 Peace
Price : $2,750 USD
Payment Terms : T/T , Western Union , MoneyGram
Supply Ability : 5000 Unit/Set
Delivery Time : 2-5 working days
Packaging Details : Single flight case ,double flight case ,exported carton. It’s all up to customer’s requirements.
Product Name : Jaguar and Land Rover VCI Diagnostics (Genuine tool) with pansonic CF-53 Laptop
Category : Diagnostic Tools
Type : Code Reader
Make : For Jaguar
Languages : English
Item Width : 50inch
Item Height : 30inch
Item Length : 50inch
Power : 1000W
voltage : 24V
Software Version : V149
Unit of measure : Pcs. Gross or Shipping Weight/Package: 6.0kg (13.23lb.)
Package Size : 25cm x 15cm x 10cm (9.84in x 5.91in x 3.94in
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    Jaguar and Land Rover VCI diagnostics (Genuine tools) with pansonic CF-53 Laptop.

    The SD3 Diagnostic Tester System is supplied with a suitcase containing:



    2017 for Jaguar and for Land Rover full set of automotive diagnostic tools JLR VCI OBD 2 connector and cf53 laptop With v149 software HDD.


    JLR VCI for Jaguar and for Land Rover diagnostic tool

    JLR has chosen diagnostic partners to provide them with an enhanced Davin, which has additional hardware and software capabilities.
    This will be known as JLR VCI.

    Software Version: v145 / v148
    Note: SDD v145 is packaged in a CD, and V148 is available for download by viewing the provided channel. SDD V148 is much larger download.
    SDD diagnostic functions:
    SDD diagnostic program supports full factory diagnostics and reprogramming
    JLR dealers use it as a tool for factory diagnostics.
    New VCI for JLR SDD system
    For Jaguar / for Land Rover approved device
    Replacement for JLR SDD VCI’s
    Covers can, multican, ISO9141 and scp network vehicles
    Suitable for past, current and future vehicles
    Packed with 2m standard USB cable
    Easy to update for J2534. New functionality.
    Using integrated circuits, the JLR VCI has various functions, including: reading and clearing diagnostic trouble codes; running active and utilitarian tests; data monitoring and reprogramming.
    Connection and connection:
    Connect the JLR VCI to the vehicles OBDII connector and connect it to the laptop via USB cable.
    Once the J2534 DLL files are loaded, the JLR VCI will allow you to work with the JLR SDD.
    What does the JLR VCI do?
    At The JLR VCI the Connects Directly to at The OBDII (Diagnostic) Connector, IT the then the Connects to at The Laptop Via A the USB Cable for use with SDD.
    Once at The J2534 DLL Files are loaded, the this Product by Will the allow Normal Operation with at The JLR SDD Diagnostic Tool.
    All Communications are possible on this device.
    How does the JLR VCI work in J2534 mode?
    JLR SDD DVD 145 or V148 is optional for installation.
    Connect the J2534 device to the vehicle OBDII connector (device power from the vehicle).
    Connect the 2 m usb cable to the JLR VCI and the other End of the SDD laptop.
    The module (pwr) LED will turn solid Red to show the JLR VCI is working. while communicating with the car, the status (STS) of the LED will flash green.
    How will the JLR VCI update for future software updates?
    JLR will periodically release updates for drivers and software from its manufacturers.
    These updates are necessary in order to either release additional functionality of the Device, or to resolve issues on the ground.
    Drivers and software updates are processed by a diagnostic test application, which will install updates upon request.
    If problems are experienced while using the device, always ensure that the latest devices and drivers are installed.
    JLR VCI is suitable for use with all JLR Car models with the following exceptions:
    Flash engine control module (ecms) on xjs and pre-2003 XJ and XK models (aj16, aj26, aj27 engine S).
    Simultaneous data logging of ECU and Datalogger tsm on Range Rover 2006m

    Tag: for Land Rover SDD for Land Rover diagnostic

    JLR VCI Picture:


    CF53 images:

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